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5 Social Media Power Techniques that Build Your Brand and Business

1. Up-To-Date Social Sites
Make sure the information on your company pages and on social-media platforms are up-to-date and accurate. Nothing screams small-time more than those pages having old or inaccurate information. Make sure your logo, background image, etc. are sharp, professional, and consistent across all platforms.

2. Quality Posts Every Day
Post at least once per day on each platform. If you can’t personally do it, hire someone who can. This will build followers. The most common way to lose them is to not have new content there. Furthermore, your posts should be interesting and valuable to your customers. Posting a sale special gets only 10 percent of the views that something informative or humorous would. Customers will keep coming back if there is something there for them.

3. Follow Your Competition
This works best on Twitter and Instagram. Not only should you follow your competitors’ accounts, but you should also follow their followers — many will follow you back! Look at their followers and try to identify potential high-value targets.

4. Always Answer Your Customers
Only a few hours should lapse before every customer is responded to — with no exceptions. If the discussion needs to be private, post something like, “Personal message sent” Or “Call/email me at…” Complaints should be addressed, as well as a “thank you” sent for compliments. Once you interact with customers on social media, you deepen your relationship with them and they never forget you. Many customers will re-post and tell others, so make sure the conversation ends well. Both good and bad comments last forever on the Internet.

5. Be a Customer-Service Leader
As the owner, principal or executive at your company, the best use of your time and position is to interact with customers directly on social media. Getting a tweet response to a customer’s problem at midnight always impresses and makes him or her feel special. It can turn an unhappy customer into an advocate for your company. For example, a tweet that says, “Sorry you had that problem (be specific), I will look into it first thing in the morning” changes a customer’s entire experience.

Taken from an article by Matt Sweetwood.

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